Many of you probably don’t even know where UBC is … but i have to make a comparison of the best and worst electives @ UBC

The following choices are all  just my opinion on the courses i have taken before, I do not intend to offend anyone who have taken these courses/ think differently!

Let’s start with the 5 most useful elective courses (btw the numbers do not mean anything;they are not ranked in order) :

1) CPSC 101 – the computer science (very helpful in terms of computers, design, html ,etc  but not quite the easiest course out there — don’t listen to those who have been telling you that this course is soooo easy~ they are LYING ! they just wanted you to suffer like how they did when they took the course)

2)ECON 101 – pretty interesting topic ,it touches a wide range of subjects eg. politics finances, banking, anything you can think of! + you’ll probably find it helpful when you need to take other electives , you might want to take first year econ classes to take other econ classes

3)ENGLISH – ugh…so every student has to take english! I’m not saying i don’t like English, just that I think some english courses are more useful than others (why do non-english majors even need literature courses?) University writing is definitely a MUST if you want to be able to write papers

4) Another language:- Another language course is usually fun / but maybe not quite useful if you never get to speak that language/ hear it after you’re done your course right? Taking another language is usually a mark booster and less intense than other courses! (Language course not that useful?? WHO CARES! AS LONG AS ITS A MARK BOOSTER!)

5) Econ 102 – i think its useful because it about exchange rates? (maybe not but i think that’s the only thing i remebered )…thats not the main point, what i am saying is that you can get a lot of insight on the economy and MONEY!! if those are your interests 😉

The 5 most useless electives:

1) CALCULUS- omg! i can’t express enough how much we use calculus in our daily lifes (sarcasm)! Seriously who would even want to use  integers and derivatives to figure out the problems in our daily lives! (I can’t even remember 1 single thing that i learned in that class! sorry math majors/ calculus fantics) – math is important in our lives but just simple addition and subtraction is more than enough ~ i think

2) Chemistry 121 – =___=” another useless course that i shouldn’t have taken back in first year! why do i even have to know the molecular structure of molecules!!! + what does it have to do with my arts major anyways – horrible choice for an elective

3)Chinese – haha okay so I am chinese … i really didnt need to take that course! it was a good mark booster – but also a recipe for disaster XD ..so apparently almost everyone from that class were educated in chinese before … in the end my grades were still below avg! WHAT DA HELL!! …wasted so much time in that class

4) a resume writing course~ I can’t believe i actually took one before + its only worth 1 credit (LFS 100 – if you are curious …) I honestly don’t need to learn how to write an resume and then get a horrible mark for my it cuz my font size is tooo small~ oh come on!!

5) bacteria cell biology? : i really don’t need to know how bacteria have sex. =_=”

What do you think are the 5 most useful/ useless electives? can’t think of 5? just let me know any ! =D